Welcome to Huskykompaniet!

We offer authentic Huskytours and summer camps in the last wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

Since more than 20 years we offer short and multi-day dogsledding trips through the stunning nature of Swedish Lapland.

Above the arctic-circle, in Lapland, Europe’s last wilderness, you will find the huskyfarm of Birgit Homburg and Bruno Spett.
Off the beaten track they offer visitors tours with Huskies and the chance to experience Lapland in a unique and personal setting.
We can accommodate groups from up to 6 guests.

From December to April we arrange dogsledge-tours with our 55 huskys through forest and over frozen wetlands and rivers.
Activities such as snowmobile-safaries, a visit to the famous Icehotel and ice-fishing are available to complement your stay.

In summertime we offer various accommodations for rent.
Here you can enjoy the quiet and peaceful nature, relax and experiences the midnight sun.

About us

In 1997, your hosts, Birgit Homburg and Bruno Spett, have started to run a Husky- and Reindeerfarm in Merasjärvi, a small, 15 inhabitants counting, village in Swedish Lapland, 90 km east of Kiruna. German by origin, Birgit had travelled the Scandinavian countries several times in the 1980s. German by origin, Birgit had travelled the Scandinavian countries several times in the 1980s. 

Bruno grew up in Merasjärvi and still lives in his parent’s house. Until about 1970, life in Merasjärvi was generally about agriculture and forestry. Today, the old barns are housing not more than snowmobiles.

Overwhelmed and captured by the rough beauty of the often still untouched nature, Birgit decided to stay in Lapland in 1988.

Starting a Huskyfarm seemed a consequent response to the changing structure, since badly treaded sleddogs came to Birgit’s and Bruno’s home . 

The dogs of Huskykompaniet work in winter and grow their cubs over the summer. Both, Bruno and Birgit, have established very special relationships with their dogs and try to keep them in a very nice way: Their dogs do not know chains, they all have individual kennels, and they often get the chance to run about.

People , which love being in nature and dogs, we offer a varied programe with accommodation in a wilderness camp and tours and with the Huskies or snowmobiles into other parts of the region.

2017 our Team got a new member. Carmen(29) born in Stuttgart Germany is joining our Team as guide and all-rounder.


You are welcome to contact us by mail, phone or by using the contact button.

+46-(0)70-245 17 09 Carmen 
+46-(0)70-2054702 Birgit 




Merasjärvi 5020
98591 Vittangi

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